This course is designed to help senior managers understand the requirements related to Nonconformity Management and how it should be practiced to find solutions to everyday problems. It would also help the managers to leverage best practices in their organizations to strike at the base of process deformities and product nonconformity.

With increasing competition, there is greater pressure on margins and increasingly stringent terms of engagement including penalties and warranties.  It is important for all those managing production targets to be aware of ways to identify underlying, and in many cases, undetermined reasons, resulting in nonconformities, so as to better control production processes.

Course Contents:

  • Introduction to Root Cause Analysis Techniques
  • Corrections
  • Corrective Actions
  • Cause Codes and their interpretation
  • Assessment of effectiveness of corrective action
  • Case Study and discussion

Program design:

  • Most important and fundamental topics have been included in the program. The training methodology includes case studies, group discussions and role play to consolidate existing knowledge and establish a structured understanding of the subject
  • Participants are certified as BSP Gold, Silver or Bronze as per their score in an online test
  • This certificate may be used by the organization as eligibility criterion for those taking up management responsibilities
  • Following the registration for the program, participants are provided access to online training material which they can go through at their pace

Course Duration:

1 Day