Identify your consultant

We can help you choose a reputable consultant to assist you.

Gap Analysis

We can undertake a gap analysis to help you determine the likely workload and timescale for implementing a quality management system that will achieve certification. Once your organization is ready for certification, NVT QC will begin the certification process.

The 3 steps of certification


Application for registration is forwarded to the organization by NVT QC. The application form can also be found on each standard page on NVT QC website. This form provides us information about your organization so we can accurately define the scope of certification, the assessment duration and submit our proposal for certification.


Assessment is undertaken by NVT QC auditors against the specific requirements of your chosen standard. This consists of two mandatory visits that form the Initial Certification Audit. Please note that you must be able to demonstrate that your management system has been fully operational for adequate time with effectiveness of each process, management review and full cycle of internal audits.


Certificate is issued by NVT QC on successful completion of the assessment. Certification is maintained through a programme of annual surveillance audits and a three yearly recertification audit.

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