Whether you are looking to transfer to NVT QC for a better understanding of certification process or for better quality of audit, we believe in not only delivering better value to your organization, but in making your transfer process hassle free and smooth.

Your interactions with NVT QC will demonstrate our commitment to adding value to your business in addition to partnering you for certification.

Why transfer to NVT QC

  • Drive down costs – When you transfer your certificate to NVT QC, there is no cost of transfer and we will work towards ensuring that the certification fee is competitive with no hidden charges.
  • Improvement Opportunities – A fresh assessment usually infuses fresh energy in audits and identifies new opportunities for improvement
  • Economy of Integrated Certification – When you have multiple certifications necessary, combining the effort with an integrated provider like NVT QC is a more efficient and effective use of budget and resources
  • Cross-site certification – When you have sites certified separately, bringing them under one certification partner works out to be more efficient and cost effective

The transfer process

Step 1: Complete the Quote Request form. Once we receive your request, we'll contact you to obtain a copy of your existing certificate and completed application form. Then you will receive a quotation within 3 days.

Step 2: Submit the signed contract agreement to NVT QC along with a copy of your last audit report including closed non – conformance reports and associated corrective actions, if any, any outstanding complaint regarding the existing certification and action taken.

Step 3: Our team will contact you to schedule the appropriate audit activity. Following the successful completion of the review and audit, your organization will be awarded an NVT QC certificate with an expiry date corresponding to the previous certificate.

Get a transfer quote

There is no cost for transferring accredited certification to NVT QC - our quote is to let you know the on-going cost of maintaining certification through to reassessment.