This course provides awareness, latest expectations, requirements for Quality Metrics, KPIs and how they are linked to Continual Quality Improvement (CQI) and business continuity. This will support the company in turning its quality excellence goals into reality. The course is designed for managers and executives involved in managing business processes.

Course Contents

The coverage includes the following topics:

  1. Quality Metrics
  • Quality matrices initiatives
  • Involvement of management in Quality Metrics.
  • Setup of a review system and follow-up in management review
  1. Integration of Quality Metrics and KPIs in continual improvement and business continuity.
  • Understanding critical process and where risks lie.
  • Defining right KPIs and meaningful metrics.
  • Link to opportunities for improvement, continuous quality improvement and business continuity
  1. Techniques to evaluate Quality Performance
  • Root cause analysis.
  • Cause and effect diagrams.
  • Risk assessment
  • KPIs
  • Tracking and trending
  1. Assignment of metrics and correlation with process controls
  2. Case studies

Program design:

  • The program is conducted in an interactive mode. The design incorporates principles of established Business Strategy Management best practices including Prince2, PMP, and CMMI. Important elements of Quality, Process and Customer Centricity have been derived from Quality Standards including ISO 9001, AS 9100, AS 9110, AS 9120 and other ISO standards
  • Most important and fundamental topics have been included in the program. The training methodology includes case studies, group discussions and role play to consolidate existing knowledge and establish a structured understanding of the subject


  • Participants are certified as BSP Gold, Silver or Bronze as per their score in an online test
  • This certificate may be used by the organization as eligibility criterion for those taking up management responsibilities
  • Following the registration for the program, participants are provided access to online training material which they can go through at their pace

Course Duration:

2 Days