Certification: ISO 9001 since 2002

The Challenge

The export arm of Indian Railways had the mandate of exploring worldwide markets with the expertise built in the country, but to do that the quality focus needed to take the operations and processes to the next level. The multi-disciplinary consultancy organization in the fields of transport, infrastructure and related technologies needed certification value that would help it to compete globally.

Certification journey and business impact

RITES partnered NVT QC as their registrar due to its strong credentials. Mr. Mukesh Sinha, GGM (QA) RITES Gurgaon says, “The auditors and RITES relationship was very open. It was a two way approach wherein feedback and opportunities for improvements established by auditors were of immense value. In particular the way Lead Auditor Prof AK Chaudhuri established a strong relationship with the top management was appreciated by RITES”.

The benefits to RITES include standardization and harmonization of internal processes and procedures across SBUs. The NVT QC approach of closely monitoring of KPIs across SBUs helped RITES to reach greater heights. It resulted in achieving a number of global projects in 55 countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America, South America and Middle East regions.