Supplier Assessment Program

The supply chain is as strong as the weakest link. NVT QC provides independent supplier assessments, certification, and accreditation to guarantee capacity, quality, and capability for all sourcing needs.

Consider the scenario: a top company rolls out a high-profile project. It should be a great success for the company and a step forward for the industry. Instead the software and hardware don’t communicate, the parts fail, or the equipment doesn’t work the way the public or customers were told it would. What should have been a major success turns into a business disaster. The money saved on the bottom line is now spent finding and fixing what went wrong. The cost of repairing the company’s reputation may be even higher. So what went wrong?

In many cases, the problem comes down to one thing: a weak link in the supply chain. Capable, quality suppliers are a key component to the success of any project. Reliability and compatibility with on time delivery are needed along every step of the supply chain. Whether sourcing equipment, materials, or services, suppliers need to employ best management practices while implementing risk management and quality control.

NVT QC Brings In Confidence In Supplier Solutions:

NVT QC has the people and tools to provide in-depth, independent assessments of supplier management systems to establish the adequacy of production capacity, design and manufacture capabilities, and quality assurance. With over 20 years in certification, NVT QC has the expertise and experience to go beyond checklist evaluations or standard ‘yes/no’ answers. It supports partnership choices with comprehensive reports concerning a potential supplier’s management system. Its process and production risk management reports include suggestions regarding deployment of best management practices and benchmarking suppliers against their leading competitors.

Mitigating Risks Backed Up By Independent Data

NVT QC can help to mitigate the risk in partnering decisions with a thorough assessment, including certification, of supplier management systems to

  • Determine design, manufacturing and delivery capability.
  • Ensure quality control, including evaluating testing methods.
  • Identify potential risk areas and suggest solutions for risk management.
  • Assure processes are in place for consistent quality and on time delivery.
  • Provide warnings for insufficient delivery capability or declining quality.

An independent NVT QC assessment provides the business with comprehensive knowledge of potential supplier’s practices and capabilities; an independent analysis so the supplier choices are made with transparency and are backed up by hard data. It provides unbiased insights so best suited suppliers who can deliver on their promises, with comparisons to industry wide standards and other suppliers in the same industry, can be chosen.