About Our Partners

NVT QUALITY CERTIFICATION PVT LTD signed a cooperation agreement with KEMA Quality Netherlands B.V. (KQ) (now DEKRA) in November, 1995. NVT QC is a member of the worldwide DEKRA Certification network (formerly KEMA Quality network, established in 1927) and acts as business partner to provide service in the field of management system audits and DEKRA provides RvA accredited certificates through its audits. DEKRA is a commercial enterprise and has issued more than 30,000 certificates in over 50 countries around the world for product and quality management systems.

NVT QC assessors also participate as members of DEKRA team for assessment in other countries. DEKRA focusses its services in following sectors.

  • Product inspection, testing and certification
  • System certification
  • CE services
  • High grade technical consultancy



The Dutch Council for Accreditation (RvA Netherlands) has accredited DEKRA Netherlands for

  • Product certification
  • Certification of competence of individual personnel
  • Quality Management System certification: ISO 9001, ISO 27001
  • Environmental Management System certification ISO 14001
  • Testing Laboratories: EMC and Photometry
  • Calibration

IATF has accredited DEKRA Germany for

  • Automotive Standard ISO/TS 16949


SOCOTEC - Certification International (UK)

SOCOTEC - Certification International, established in 1995, has been providing management system assessment and UKAS accredited certificates to organisations around the world. CI (UK) has been accredited for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 27001, ISO 22000 and ISO 50001 by UKAS and is represented in 26 countries worldwide.

CI (UK) became part of Socotec Group, the market leader in Certification and business risk management, and operates a network of partners located in 50 countries across five continents.

NVT provides UKAS accredited CI (UK) certificates for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 27001, ISO 22000 and ISO 50001. In addition NVT provides UKAS accredited CI (UK) IMS certificates for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS  18001


QA Certification Services (QACS)

QA Certification Services was formed in October 2009 for ISO 9000 (Quality Management Systems), ISO 14000 (Environmental Management Systems) & OHSAS 18001:2007 (Occupational Health, Safety Assessment Series) certifications. QA Certification Services is recognized as the global leader in the field of certification services.

QA Certification Services is providing system certification according to ISO 9001: 2015, ISO, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 22000: 2005, OHSAS 18001: 2007 in India & Abroad. QA Certification Services is having direct accreditation from JAS-ANZ (Joint accreditation system Australia and new-Zealand) for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001

NVT provides JAS-ANZ accredited QACS certificates for

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • OHSAS 18001