NVT QC considers all Organisations important and unique in their own way. On receipt of an order, the organisation’s operational processes and process owners are mapped out and the audit is conducted thereafter with this as the starting point.

NVT QC auditors look at clients Quality Management System as a whole, rather than one individual element. With this holistic perspective, NVT QC offers the client the most effective audit process available. It is through this process based auditing that clients continue to find success in partnership with NVT QC.

NVT QC auditors are well known for employing practical interpretation of the international standards, adapted to the operational processes.
This approach facilitates

  • Reliable and informed judgement on the implemented management system
  • Inputs to facilitate improvements in the business process by providing transparent picture to the organisation
  • Quality service to all customers in an impartial manner.


NVT QC complies with accreditation standards and procedures (ISO 17021:2011, AS 9104/1, Accreditation Board procedures and IAF mandatory documents). The certification process, as per these requirements, includes:

  • Application
  • Review of application
  • Submission of proposal/quotation
  • Acceptance by Organisation with terms and conditions
  • Planning for audit
  • Phase I certification audit
  • Phase II certification audit
  • Non-conformity Management
  • Report Management
  • Certification decision and issue of certificates
  • Surveillance audits
  • Recertification